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Centrefire rifles shoot in a gentle arc to about 300y.  After that, though, things go downhill fast! Yet we know modern rifles and cartridges and scopes are capable of wonderful accuracy, consistency and energy delivery at very much greater ranges...but how to work out the exact ballistics to predict this aggressive dropping of the bullet? How do we exactly predict the effect of the wind?  What is Spin Drift, what is Aerodynamic Jump? Which ballistic systems factor these out correctly? Why does my ballistic App not match what my rifle is doing? Which inputs are important? What do you "true" and what do you leave alone? What ranges do the hashes on my reticle match?  What's all this about remote wind monitoring? How do I make the best ammunition possible? How can I fulfil my Bucket List dream to shoot a mile and beyond? 

I've done the hard yards on this - the frustrating days on the hill, the endless research ,the testing and comparisons. The thousands of hours of work on the application of the latest ballistic science and theory from around the world.  I have the answers.  I can show you quickly and efficiently, on your terms, and then you can see it working for you with your rifle.  Fast forward you long range skills with a day on our beautiful high moor in North Yorkshire.  

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