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You can come here to work on your long range skills through 1on1and small group training tailored exactly to your needs and skill-set. 

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Ballistics Training Days 

Centrefire rifles shoot in a gentle arc to about 300y.  After that, though, things go downhill fast! Yet we know modern rifles and cartridges and scopes are capable of wonderful accuracy, consistency and energy delivery at very much greater ranges...but how to work out the exact ballistics to predict this aggressive dropping of the bullet? How do we exactly predict the effect of the wind?  What is Spin Drift, what is Aerodynamic Jump? Which ballistic systems factor these out correctly? Why does my ballistic App (or the old dope sheets) not match what my rifle is doing? Which inputs are important? What do you "true" and what do you leave alone? What ranges do the hashes on my reticle match?  What's all this about remote wind monitoring? How do I get my Kestrel, Garmin watch, or App to work accurately?


You may have been to another centre and played on some long gongs. Fun for a while until you realise that you're only able to walk the shots on and frankly still don't have a clue HOW to get on first time and in a repeatable manner (and nor do they)  It's annoying when you go home after a day's shooting with more QUESTIONS than ANSWERS. Many self-styled long range experts are just part-time guys with full time jobs who only shoot at the weekend.  Many trainers in the UK still use old-fashioned and ineffective "pad and pen/DOPE " techniques and know nothing of the modern advances in long range precision. Come learn the proper state of the art and how to apply it quickly and efficiently to your own shooting. And not necessarily needing tonnes of equipment.. we can "distil" down the ballistics so they are fast and accurate for things like PRS shooting, Sniper Comps, long range mountain hunting, or any situation where you can't carry all the kit and/or speed is of the essence - and so that you are much more confident in your abilities and your rifle's when stalking.  


Test out the best kit. I test all the latest and greatest and only keep as demo stock what makes the cut. Test out all the best scopes and bipods at various budgets. Various rifles/cartridges, rear rests, binos etc etc are here for you to demo so you can then make an informed buying decision.      

At SharpShootingUK you get proper TRAINING, 7days a week.   You'll leave a better shooter than you arrived. You'll leave with ANSWERS, not just a pile of wasted brass. 

Afterwards, you'll benefit from Ongoing VIP Support which means you get any and all help you require as your long range journey progresses, be that scope advice, bipods, reloading, ballistics - Here to help! 

I've done the hard yards on this - the frustrating days on the hill, the endless research, the testing and comparisons. The thousands of hours of work on the application of the latest ballistic science and theory from around the world.  I have the answers.  I can show you quickly and efficiently, on your terms, and then you can see it working for you with your rifle.  Fast forward your long range skills with a day on our beautiful high moor in North Yorkshire.  EMAIL Richard to discuss your requirements today.  

Other training packages are available: Click       HERE          for info. 




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"A day I'll never forget!! Can't recommend it highly enough if you're looking to progress your long range shooting"

"I finally got my app really sorted. It's completely spot on all the way out past 1200y now - Richard saw the mistakes I'd been making instantly. We also did a lot of wind analysis that was incredibly useful. Should have done this ages ago thank you " 

"Awesome two days Richard thank you very much. I cannot recommend the training days enough to anyone. Superb instruction, great technical support, and then to deliver that level of precision is the pinnacle of your product. Bullets don't lie and for you to be able to get people to that standard of accuracy in that amount of time is truly phenomenal. You have a training programme truly unique to the UK. First class training"

"I've been to the others further South but I'm glad I made the hike up the A1 because technically this day is in a class all of its own" 

"I was worried it would be too complicated or not really relevant to my hunting but I couldn't believe how much more confident in myself and my rifle I was by the end of the second day. By then my rifles were all calibrated, problems patiently overcome ( he calmly worked through issues with my rifle, scope and myself as they showed up )  and we were shooting 500y rabbits in a good wind and I had learnt to work out exactly what the wind was doing and to make good calls. The funny thing was you actually don't need a lot of kit to do this, once you've been sorted out by Richard. I'm still in shock of how far I progressed in two days! "  

"I've been using a rifle for about 35years as a hunter, mainly on Deer and at distances of less than 200m.

About 2 years ago I became curious about exploring the ability of my rifle (a Sauer 202 in .243) and so I arranged a day with Richard Utting.

It was an amazing eye opener and a real learning experience. Within a couple of hours I was consistently hitting small targets out to about 675m - at which stage my factory ammunition was running out of ballistic stability.

Within a couple of days I had the requirement to put my new skills to the test when I had to cull fallow deer at range and at the keeper's request, neck shot. Based on the training I was confident and the deer were cleanly dispatched and the keeper was delighted.

As a hunter what I learnt lifted my skills to a new level. I was delighted.

I had a refresher day last year and my son also benefited from Richard's knowledge which he imparts in a very relaxed but professional way. My son is now a very competent marksman and got the opportunity  to put his new skills to the test at some testing Sika in the mountains of NZ last year.

I was bitten by the bug and wanted to push on out a bit, and so I had some interesting discussions with Richard about ballistics and rigs.

I wanted a dual purpose rifle, hunting and LR and something I could both reload and easily buy factory ammo for. I decided on a Blaser in 6.5x55 with an IOR Recon on top.

On hearing I was interested in shooting LR one of my hunting friends in the Belgian Military arranged an invite for me to participate in the Belgian Defense Forces LR competition.

The prospect was daunting and I was definitely going to be in at the deep end!

I needed help. So last weekend I had a training day with Richard. he helped me set up and tweak the new rifle. We sorted the scope, I borrowed his demo Tier One bipod and we chrono'd my hand loads. Got set up and soon Richard has me hitting his 1MOA 1200m target and reading the strong wind properly. Again another very productive day.

Cut a long story short - yesterday I shot the competition and on the LR elements 400-1200m I put Richard's tuition into practice and did my best.

I was relatively pleased as I managed to hit every target including the 1200m twice and whilst I missed a few I thought given some very challenging wind calls either side of zero and wind from two different directions on the long targets I haven't done too bad for a novice and was hoping I wouldn't be last.

I almost fell over when the results were announced and I was told I was the overall winner. And had also got the highest scope on the LR and was the only competitor to hit the 1200m.

A result which I could never have imagined and certainly could never have achieved without Richard's knowledge, advice and expert training.  

Many many thanks."



"It's a great day and I'll hopefully be returning later this year or early next"

"Had a very educational day even in the rain. Worth the 3hour drive and hopefully back next week"

"Grin lasted all the way down the A1! That 284 is some tool!"

"Richard's delivery of complicated info was so calm and sensible that it sunk in better than I imagined, and then he has his VIP support for clients afterwards for any further reminders or advise I need. I'm so pleased I spent the money" 

"As an experienced shooter, and one who does use science and drop charts, my knowledge is like a jigsaw. I know what I am looking at, I am 80% of the way there, but I cannot complete the picture. Richard has given me the tools to finish the jigsaw and start and finish another. I have been to a few private training facilities but none of them offer the scientific hands on training that Richard Utting does. His training days are unique in the UK.

He is capable of taking any shooter with any experience and building on it, but here finally there is a training facility that challenges experienced shooters and adds to their knowledge."  


"I don't have any long range shooting land and wanted to reach out so went to another long range shooting range and while I enjoyed shooting further out at first, I soon became annoyed that i was having to walk all my shots in and also the figures I used didn't work later...I just didn't honestly know what was happening to my bullet. I got all sort of bad advice.  So I booked in a day with Richard and man oh man he blew my mind by lunchtime on our day! Talk about everything become clear. I learnt more in a day than everything else I'd done put together. Thanks very much!"

"It's a great course with a top bloke - learnt so much" 

"What beautiful land - a pleasure just to be there and I moved my shooting on so much I can't believe it. I was happy just walking

rounds on to big gongs before but now my standards have gone to a completely new level and my confidence with it. My wind calls are better now too as I'm not worried about my drops all the time. Brilliant! " 

Many more testimonials are published on the Facebook Group SharpShootingUK. Come join us there. 



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